With building materials such as concrete, wood, and glass houses and palaces are built. Construction begins with these materials. While proper application with ingenuity of these components can be seen at work. But the human heart suddenly is touched when something beautiful is born.

People are happy and say: "This is beautiful", "I want to be closer ", "I want to touch it", "I want to live in it." So this the architecture, when art becomes part of creating dreams.

Pristina is a 24-hour city that moves with vitality seven days a week. Rapid City Life often leaves us dependent on the distance and time to move and perform daily chores.

Complex Lakrishte being in the middle of the city center it is the focus of a new generation of quality urban lifestyle where your concern of a distance will be your smallest concern.

Complex Lakrishte combined in one building: residential apartments, space bookkeeping, medical center, kindergarten and parking lots planned for all these spaces, facilitates daily life to the maximum. Commercial spaces are separated both as in exterior architectural appearance and inside with the reception and with the relevant staff concerned. Movement in its interior spaces is very functional with two elevators and wide stairs, with a modern interior, leaving enough space for the organization and functioning as part of the office.

Lakrishte Complex, with 20 floors, stands as a magnificent goddess on the throne of Pristina where from the big and high windows a stunning city view can be seen during the night with lights that appear overnight in Pristina. Also, the appearance of the building itself from the outside at night by reflecting the live colors and lights of Pristina, will provide a more beautiful reflection.

Home Sweet Home

People have different needs and requirements , especially when it comes to organizing the space where they live.

Functionality is always a priority for a more comfortable life, because most of the time is spent in the house.

The bright rays of the sun will be distributed anywhere through long windows German PVC profiles and double glazing with thermal insulation. SMART System / Smart management of many key parts of the apartment will make life easier. You will have the possibility to close and open your curtains by remote control from your bed. Our planning of interior spaces ensures maximum utilization of every square meter, which always has space to fit all you your specific requirements.

Duplex (two-floor apartments) will be a particular form of organization of space. They set clear boundaries between day rooms and bedrooms. Duplex also provides very good opportunities for a particular design of the interior, since there are stairs inside the interior to give your apartment a metropolitan image.

Given that each one has specific needs and requirements, we made sure that as part of your apartment purchase will be also the services of our professional architects, who will work with you so that your requirements for the internal organization of the apartment are fully met.


FotoEveryone  recognizes the most popular architecturalwonders in the world that are already known as the benchmark of the country such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris , Rome's Colosseum , the Sydney Opera House , the Kremlin in Russia. Each of these cultural icons are symbols with different meanings. They may represent a people, a historical era, an area, a faith, a culture, a city, etc. Today, as landmark of the capital city of the newest state in Europe, is born Lakrishte Complex, which with its architecture will forever change the identity of Prishtina .

Exterior architecture should not speak much. It should remain silent, to leave nature to do its game talking with natural lights of the sun and wind sounds. The combination of materials created by the hand of man with nature they always give such amazing results.

Natural concrete remains quite and clean for the eye. You could say that it is the un-camouflaged buildings mantle, simple and natural to the environment and people. The combination between symmetrical lines and the windows, amplifies the perception of space by reflecting the surrounding buildings, sky and the light. With this optical effect we created the most beautiful panorama of the city.

Commercial Space

Commercial as part of a residential building gives people the opportunity to live where they work.

This allows everyone needs to be performed daily by not having to use the car or public transport. In the absence of sufficient business space in the center of the capital city, Lakrishte Complex, contains about 7,000 m2 of commercial space. With separate entrance and reception and wide corridors, its modular design allows property managers to change its structure according to various business needs. The object also contains in itself sufficient parking for residents and visitors.

Fitness Center

  • Information,
  • Hall with equipments (tools),
  • Wardrobes for men and women
  • Baths for men and women,
  • Shower cabins for men and women.
  • Cafeterias

Spa Centre

  • Entrance
  • Reception space,
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Toilets
  • Shower cabins
  • Massage Rooms
  • Beauty Point
  • Wardrobe


Lakrishte Complex, for the comfort of its inhabitants, in itself there is also a supermarket designed with 1,549 m2 space, in which case people will be able to benefit from the supermarket proximity and to access the supermarket from the apartment by elevator. Now, you do not have to turn on your car for your weekly food supplies, think of the parking lot, carrying supplies and many other issues that you face when you need to be supplied with food.

Supermarket at home.


How many times have you thought the issue of day care for your children while you are with your daily duties? Where will you send your child? How far is the kindergarten? How will traffic be up there? Will you be late for work? And a lot of other issues. In the Lakrishte Complex you will eliminate these problems. You just have to take your kids along with elevator to the 5th floor where the Kidergarten is designed in a space of 350 m2. In fact your children will not come out of their house, but it will be just another space in the same building where you will have your flat and they will be accompanied by other children and responsible kindergarten staff. Your child will not experience the stress of waking up early to rush and you will have much easier!

Underground parking

In your list of valuable things is also your car that you certainly want to have it safe at any moment. Arting Sh.p.k. thought on this issue by providing for each family a parking lot for their car and extra parking spaces for use by residents their guests? Dedicated space for underground parking is located on the - 2 floor within an area of 1786.37 m2 and in the -3 floor within an area of 1478.77 m2 and there are also 20 other outdoor parking lots.




In Complex Lakrishte residents will not have heat concerns as Arting within its services will also offer central heating system independent of the city heating.




Laundry (Dry Cleaning)

Active city life makes us have very little time. To save your time Lakrishte Complex includes laundry (Dry Cleaning) of 100 m2 where you could use to clean your family's clothes.





Arting guarantees maintenance of the building starting with cleaning and lighting of public spaces, 24 hour security, elevator maintenance, 24 hours water supply, generator with the capacity to supply electricity for elevators and public lighting.

Construction Phases

Few sights of the works in the Lakrishte project. Be assured that to us in the construction process are taken into consideration only the highest and most sophisticated construction standards.

We Guarantee!


Arting Company founded in 2010 by a group of renowned Kosovar businesses with many years of experience. Today , Arting as one of the most powerful companies in Kosovo itself encompasses a multidimensional approach and multi - disciplinary ; always committed to meet the needs of customers by providing SAFETY, QUALITY and INOVATION.

We intend that our projects achieve the highest degree of technical excellence and at the same time adhering to the highest standards of business practices. We believe that these traits make us unique and as such we attract the most talented people to become part of our family.


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