How we plan

Until now people buy a residence, which constituted some of the walls basically to give the feeling that they look like cardboard boxes. Seeing this, we realized that is the time for change and we decided to offer not only a residence, but will offer an apartment within a building that has personality, a settlement that will provide warmth, comfort, convenience, a flat where you will feel "at home".

Using a new creative spirit, not only we made a revolution in the city's appearance, but also within this artistic view we created large intimate spaces for residents that will provide unprecedented convenience and safety so far.

People have different needs and requirements , especially when it comes to organizing the space where they live. Functionality is always a priority for a more comfortable life, because most of the time is spent in the house. Our planning of interior spaces ensures maximum utilization of every square meter, which always has space to fit all of your specific requirements.

Time is the greatest wealth, time is the success coin. Those who are successful can afford the luxury of time and spend it on the smallest and in the most beautiful things of life. Lakrishte Complex , located in the heart of the city, gives you the most precious  time. Being in the center of everything, your car may rest in the parking lot until the weekend, while you can have the freedom and time to move easily anytime and anywhere.