Company History

Arting Company founded in 2010 by a group of renowned Kosovar businesses with many years of experience. Today , Arting as one of the most powerful companies in Kosovo itself encompasses a multidimensional approach and multi - disciplinary ; always committed to meet the needs of customers by providing SAFETY, QUALITY and INOVATION.

We intend that our projects achieve the highest degree of technical excellence and at the same time adhering to the highest standards of business practices. We believe that these traits make us unique and as such we attract the most talented people to become part of our family.

With us, art and engineering became lovers at first sight. And for us, “THIS IS THE BEGINNING ". Please, focus and browse the following pages. And then...... then come and enjoy life in a work of art.

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Tirana str, Nr. 31, - Lakrishte,
10000, Pristina, Kosovo
Tel. +381 (0) 38 748 748, 748 448